Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Friday, August 28, 2015

Boise Idaho Mission


 United States
 President John Q. Winder
1111 S Cole Rd
Boise ID 83709-1869
United States
 English, Spanish
 Boise, Meridian, Twin Falls

Elder Hernandez with his first companion and Mission President John Q. Winder and Sister Winder.

Week 1

Departure Email to Mom

It's been good. I can't wait for tomorrow. The MTC is really driving me crazy. But there has been a ton of spiritual moments here. Two out of three of our teachers told us that we were the best class they had for a while. This morning, half of our class left  out to the field. I have all of their emails so that we could have one giant group chat. I also understand why I got sent to an English Speaking Mission. I know that I could handle a different laguage, but I cant stand the MTC anymore. Being stuck in a room with 6 Elders for 12 days was stressful enough, but for 6-12 weeks I was going to come home. Tomorrow I will be able to talk to you, Myranda and dad. I bought a 5 dollar card, so pick up your phone. I will talk to Jacob if he is home, if not tell him I will talk to him the longest at Christmas. You guys need to send me highlights of Jacobs football games. I won't be able to see all the games, but I would still like to see my baby brother improve in his football skills, and to see him work towards a football scholarship. I do miss Princess, I miss her sleeping in my bed. Every now and again when i sleep, miss her being around my arms. Its a good thing that I wrote that letter to Celeste. I just had a feeling to send that message to her. I got the email from Jose, surprise he got sent to Honduras too. If it wasn't for me not having enough patience I could be going there too. Could you send me the pictures of everyone at the airport, and get it laminted too. I miss crossfit too, but I have been doing volleyball with some friends.