Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016

One Birthday Down and 9 Fingers to Go

Lucky, I miss going on train rides. Sometimes they are the best way to travel. I also miss Cali a lot too.  I ate a lot of cake. The one from you, celebrate one with people i teach, and a member got a lucky guess. We are getting along great. Nope. Meeting new people, it is great to learn their life story. No, just went to go watch a temple musical the church producted for people.
Elder Hernandez broke his finger in late February/early March. His letters and messages have been short because of this. 

We can be forgiven

Rueben J Clark JR "I feel the Savior will give that punishment which is the very least that our transgression will justify. I believe that He will bring into His justice, all of the infinite love & blessings & mercy & kindness & understanding which he has.....
         on the other hand he will give the maximum it is possible to give for rewarding our good conduct~ keeping in mind the offense we have committed."
I love this statement to me it is saying that our Savior will give us the most he can possible give us in wiggle room, he will make up as much as He possibly can. We just have to do our part and He really will do the rest. He will also recognize all the good we do and give us all the extra credit He can for that.
I also believe because of His example we need to do what we can in giving others credit, for noticing their efforts, for forgiving them when they ask for forgiveness, trust them like he trust us to truly be giving all they can. We need to follow our Saviors example in treating others the way  he would, but we also need to remember to treat yourself the way He would. We need to speak to yourself the ways he would, love
yourself the way He does.
This  week I hope we can give other the benefit of doubt and esp ourselves

thank you for the reminder of our Savior love, there is none better except his. One day we will meet with him and his mercy will help save us.

Conference Saturday~ Words from Mom

In  Elder Donald L Hallstorm talk "I am a child of God" he shares 
that most everyone participating in the meeting could probably sing the song "I Am a Child of God." He then declared, "But, the critical question is, 'Do we really know it?' Do we know it in our mind and in our heart and in our soul? Is our heavenly parentage our first and most profound identity?" he asked. This identity should supersede other worldly identities, including those given by nationality, occupation or language.
In life, everyone faces hardships, pain, injustice and disappointment, Elder Hallstrom said. "When difficult things occur in our lives, what is our immediate response? Is it confusion or doubt or spiritual withdrawal?" he asked. "Or is our first response to remember who we are — that we are children of a loving God?"

Elder Hernandez's Church Talk

We got asked to speak in sacrament. The topic was have courage to go out & share the gospel. Which was easy since that's what I'm focused on in my life right now. It's the first time they have asked me to speak in sacrament since I came out on my mission,  I was a little nervous but  It was good. I know you wanted me to send you a copy of my talk but I because most of it came to me when I was up there.  I was able to speak from the heart, it came easily, and went smoothly. I liked it better because I had things to talk about & I don't feel like I was just reading off a piece of paper. I know I must have prepared well, and that allowed the Holy Ghost to help me clearly say what I was thinking.

The Last Few Weeks