Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Friday, September 11, 2015

Spiritual Thought for Week 2

          Fred Snodgrass played for the  New York Giants in the 1912 World Series, when the final game was being played. This game would determine  that years series winners. Fred and another player where in the outfield when a ball was hit, he signaled he would be able to catch the ball, and positioned himself where the ball was headed, it fell into his glove, but it didn't stop there it rolled onto the ground. Causing his team to loose the world series, the fans were shocked with disappointment, they has witnessed Fred catch a fly ball like that hundreds of times before. But now when it mattered most he failed to hold onto the ball. He played baseball for nine more successful  years after that. He died at age 86, but whenever he was introduced to someone they would bring back that one moment of his career.

      In  life we often see people drop the ball, in one single moment of carelessness we all  become distracted we loose focus, on the end results, we stumble we fall, we make mistakes, we sin, sadly some of our peers will ever only remember the times we dropped the ball. Even when we get back up try again and improve ourselves. But the one who matters most, made it possible for us to repent, to get a second chance.  We will come across many people whose sins might be easy to see, but as we seek to see them as the Savior does we will learn to love them as he does.  We also need to remember that maybe our sins might not be so easily seen we all have them, we are all in need of the Saviors love and mercy.  If we show it to others, we will be more blessed and thankful that he has shown it to us.

        As I have thought about this, I am so thankful for repentance.  I know that I can improve, that I am worthy of the chance to try again. I hope you will remember to be kind to yourself, life is a  wonderful but hard thing. You are striving to do the best you can, the Lord knows this, the Savior knows this, and they are mindful of your efforts. You can handle any & all challenges you may have, you stumble its ok just get up and keep going. Because with the Lord on your side you can not fail.

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