Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jedi in Training

 I was talking to the Mission President during our interview and I asked him if taking investigators to go watch Ep 7 was allowed. He told me that it takes a lot of training to become a jedi and I still got a year and a half to go. I told him he still has 6 more months to go before he is fully trained too. 
     We got to met this one family who I want to get closer to. They make tamilas on Saturday and if we stop by he'll give us some.

 When the new year started the MP challenged us to read all the Book of Mormon and highlight different verses with 6 different colors. One is for Christlike attributes, one for faith in Jesus Christ, one for Repentance, one for Baptism, one for the Holy Ghost, and one for Enduring to the End. I had to restart because I give my original book to a investigator to read. That was my plan in the first place, but I thought it wouldn't be until I finished the book. But the Holy Ghost prompted me to share that one with them so I did. So I started s new one & when I'm done will find someone else to give it to.  I started doing the same thing for the whole standatd works. 

Something that has brought me joy this week is  seeing  a Less Active working towards the temple. He is having problems with diabetes and we are trying to help him get better. He lost his pinky toe but we are trying to use this as a sign that he doesn't have to lose his foot or leg before he wants to be really focus on stop eating the junk food. He has a really good attitude & a lot of faith.

    We were able to hit all of our goals, that we set for last week, we actually surpassed most of them.

Love ~Elder Hernandez

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