Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Ward, New Places

New ward? How is it?
We cover the Haven Cove and Meridian 1st ward. We have a few people in each ward to teach, 

Q: the lesson I teach in Relief Society this month has to do with the Holy Ghost & having his constant companionship, what thoughts do you have about this? As a missionary how important is the Holy Ghost? How has he blessed your life?
A: It is important to have the Holy Ghost with you, because without him you don't have peace. We need him to help us teach, and it is through him that people accept the gospel. The Holy Ghost will stay with them while we constantly change. If we live wickedly it is hard for us to listen to the Holy Ghost and have his constant companionship. It is a great tool in live to use.

Q: how are you? Tell me the most memorable part of the last week.
A: I got to watch a whole family be baptize into the church on Saturday, well most of them. 6 of them were of age, the other 5 are under 8. It was an amazing spirit there watching the family entering their next phrase in life and come closer to Christ. On Friday we were leaving out the door and I took the Book of Mormon that I was using to study from. I didn't use it as we were waiting for the meeting. When we saw our investigator she was going through a rough time the past few days and we were trying to comfort her. She lost her copy and I ha a prompting to give her the book. When I did my bag felt so much lighter like there was nothing there. 

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