Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016

We can be forgiven

Rueben J Clark JR "I feel the Savior will give that punishment which is the very least that our transgression will justify. I believe that He will bring into His justice, all of the infinite love & blessings & mercy & kindness & understanding which he has.....
         on the other hand he will give the maximum it is possible to give for rewarding our good conduct~ keeping in mind the offense we have committed."
I love this statement to me it is saying that our Savior will give us the most he can possible give us in wiggle room, he will make up as much as He possibly can. We just have to do our part and He really will do the rest. He will also recognize all the good we do and give us all the extra credit He can for that.
I also believe because of His example we need to do what we can in giving others credit, for noticing their efforts, for forgiving them when they ask for forgiveness, trust them like he trust us to truly be giving all they can. We need to follow our Saviors example in treating others the way  he would, but we also need to remember to treat yourself the way He would. We need to speak to yourself the ways he would, love
yourself the way He does.
This  week I hope we can give other the benefit of doubt and esp ourselves

thank you for the reminder of our Savior love, there is none better except his. One day we will meet with him and his mercy will help save us.

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