Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Elder Hernandez's Church Talk

We got asked to speak in sacrament. The topic was have courage to go out & share the gospel. Which was easy since that's what I'm focused on in my life right now. It's the first time they have asked me to speak in sacrament since I came out on my mission,  I was a little nervous but  It was good. I know you wanted me to send you a copy of my talk but I because most of it came to me when I was up there.  I was able to speak from the heart, it came easily, and went smoothly. I liked it better because I had things to talk about & I don't feel like I was just reading off a piece of paper. I know I must have prepared well, and that allowed the Holy Ghost to help me clearly say what I was thinking.

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  1. Love how when we prepare the Holy Ghost takes over & it's then we are truly teaching what the Lord has meant for us to share. Just like in life if we are prepared we shall not fear. Because we are never doing it alone when we seek the divine help they give.