Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Comment with some of your own questions if you'd like to make an appearance on the blog. ~Elder Hernandez

1) tell me about your investigators?
2) spiritual moment
3) did you help with the ward trick or treat? Anything special on Halloween?
4) something that made you laugh?
5) prayers answered?
6) service opportunity?

1) The first one, Dom, is a kid about 10 years old who had to stop drinking coffee. 
2) We seen how being friends with people is better than being missionaries. They are better accepting to us than just trying to teach them
3) Was a judge at the truck or treat and helped Dom truck or trick. Went to bed at 6:30.
4) Something that made me laugh, teasing with the ward mission leader kids.
5) Praying for guidance, and how to help others. We have found a way to teach Dom, and him quit coffee.
6) We helped people move. We actually help someone move in on a Sunday.

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