Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Saturday, October 17, 2015

2 Months, 22 to go.

1) We wake up and exercise in the morning. Than we eat breakfast, get ready for the day, and do some studying. We don't get out the door until 1 because of the distance between us and our area, we would be killing miles by doing that. We go around talking to less active families during the day, or our investigators, and then we eat dinner, and depending on the day, we go out on splits with members of the ward from 7-9. Then we go back to the apartments and mess around until we go to bed.

2) Depends on the day, if we need to be leaving earlier, then suit. If not, pjs.

3) Things are going great. So far he is the best companion that I have. We have been able to get along really well with each other, and been learning from each other as well. He is from California, the city where Disney Land is at was where he lived. He is 21 years old, and has been out for almost a month.

4) We helped a lady moved from her apartment. It was us, two ladies from the ward, her and two of her family members. We got way more than half done in two hours and later that night Elders showed up and finished the work, but we had already left. It was difficult cause we always had to walk up three set of stairs before we made it to her apartment.

5) Last night we pranked the sisters that live near our apartment and we thought it would be funny if we put a doll monkey outside the door. So when the sisters saw the monkey, it seems like they were somewhat panicked. A couple minutes later, cops showed up at our apartments, near our door. So we were kind of worried that it was for us, but it was really for someone else.

7) We were talking to one of our investigators, Ingrid, and she was telling us what our ancestors came from. It was pretty cool how she could tell by looking at certain body parts. Eventually, she told us what see could see from our auras, and how we both face certain trails. It was a cool experience. She has became our mission mom, and we love her dearly.

8) So on Sunday, we read a scripture to a less active elderly lady who is on her last days. I shared her a verse from Mosiah about how no matter what burdens may be upon us, if we turn to the Lord, he will deliver us from those burdens. She started crying after that, it was very touching.

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