Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Missionary Q&A

4) tell me about a testimony moment
5) chances for service
6) lesson learned
8) tell me three people who have influenced your life for the better

4) We have been taking one of our investigators to church, and he went on fast Sunday. My companion & I both shared our testimonies, and the investigator wanted to go up and share his. As he went up, he was nervous but able to share his sweet testimony.

5) We have been helping  another investigator with yard work, and will be going over this week to help. She usually feeds us Denny's before we go, and this time we are leaving a spiritual moment with her.

6) To simplify the lesson. We need to be teaching as if we are talking to a little child. It is hard, but it is becoming easilier.  Also I have been putting my faith in the Lord, handing over my ever care & trusting he will help me. 

8) Rocky, he has been a father figure to me and is a great mission leader. Whenever we need help or advice we turn to him and he helps us with whatever is the problem. Strange how I feel like I have family here. He taught us how to take our time to people, and we can't jump the gun on people. It also feels like we are his children.  Ingrid, she feels like my mission mom. She isn't a member yet, but we are working on that. She is always they for us, and if we need something she will help to try to provide it with us. She always tells us to keep on trying, and how to improve my weaknesses.  Bro. Helgensen, he is a ward missionary, and somehow he has been able to get into the doors we can't get open. He is always willing to help, and people just seems to open up to him. I wouldn't mind being like him later on in life. 

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