Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Friday, October 2, 2015

General Updates

1) Yes I have, but since we have a schedule to follow, it is hard to get them everyday. I am actually wearing them right now. And nice, single color sweaters. I would like that as a care package. I need to wear them from General Conference to General Conference. Every now and again we get some free time, so I decide if you could send me some stuff to draw. This week I found a packet of coloring pencils, how I need stuff to draw. Next week i will tell you want to send me to learn how to draw.

2) I don't care how much emails you send me, as long as there is one big one I could read. It is usually on Mondays for two hours. Next week it has to be Thursday cause we are going to the temple on Monday.

3) Yes we are staying in an apartment for a transfer and a half, maybe. There is also Elder Brunette and Elder Lawernce. I will have to send you a picture next week of us.

4) We went to go do family history. I had to learn how to do it, but I was able to add you, dad, some of my aunts and uncles, and my cousins. I forgot to bring that pamphlet, but I will bring it next time. I need some help with it, so can you work on the dates and fix the spelling on some of the names. I think you will have fun doing it.

5) We had a harvest festival on Saturday and it was fun going. We played two hand football and you wouldn't believe how hard it was breathing in a shirt with a tie on and the top button on. Never do that.

6) We were helping my ward mission leader, Rocky, son to bear his testimony. He didn't want to say it because he was embarrass to share it. We were telling him why we tell it to others, and I was the first to share it with him.

7) We were trying to get two investigators a baptismal date, but when we were doing the questions, they didn't understand it all. So now we got to work on them knowing all the knowledge. One seems to be more ready then the other, so we should been getting a baptism next month.

8) So for every 6 months, the missionaries burn something. 6 months a tie, 1 year a shirt, 1 and a half years slacks, and for two years a full suit. So when Monroe went to go burn his shirt, the gasoline expanded and when he lite it, a giant ball of fire appeared and he was barely able to escape it. So he burned his shirt and his leg hairs.

9) There are cats near our apartments, and one seems to be abused. So the last few weeks, I would give it a little bit of milk. Today I was able to pet it, and feel like I was starting to bond with it. We call it Terntiz cat, because of the way it hind legs walk. It kind of wants me to own a cat now. By the way, how is Princess doing? Guess what, I had one gallon of milk for two weeks before I was done with it.

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