Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Friday, October 2, 2015

Learning and Fasting

       The last couple of days have been great. I'm learning to keep at it & the work will continue to grow. We have been getting answers at doors more often, & getting to talk to people. Haven't taught many lessons but yet we see improvement in the last few days. We are tracking more, kinda feel like a door to  door  salesman but it's paying off. 
     After 18yrs I have finally been able to accomplish a full fast without feeling like I couldn't do it. It was still difficult, but I feel so good about it! I feel like fasting has opened us up to many new opportunities, and I have a new testimony of the importance of fasting. I challenge you all to work on a better fast. 
    We have spent time in the family history center, it is pretty exciting to work on genealogy, I might need some help from you, but I like doing it. 
 I have decided to reach out to some friends who are less active members or non membets share my testimony & incite them back to church. It's their choice but I shoukd encourage them. 
      I have likened the scriptures to myself, and feel like in ways that at times me & my church friends were a little like Alma the  younger & the sons of Mosiah, we messed around a little too much in our youth, but we all are responding to His call to serve & we will willingly go. We will give it our all & turn our hearts toward our Savior. I miss them, but oh the joy of our mission we will be able to share with each other one day.

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