Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Updates :)

1) what has been the hardest thing you have done so far
2) what strengthens your faith when you feel down?
3) tell me something funny 
4) what brought a smile to your face this week?
5) tell me about your district? Ever have zone meetings? Meetings with the mission president?
6) current favorite scripture? Why?

1)  Dealing with the fact that bad stuff keeps happening to my family. First my dog dies, now my Uncle has cancer. This will be the hardest part, not being available to support my family when they are having trials.
2)That family can be eternal. I know that my family now is broken and no where close to being perfected, but knowing one day that my family will be together for all of time brings me joy.
3) Been playing Uno often at the house and one of the Elders is color blind. So whenever it is his turn, there is a chance for him to put down the wrong color card. It is just a fun to tease him, and he teases back when we do the same.
4) Our investigator, Dom, has been studying about what we have teach him and  you can tell that he is improving. Hopefully on Nov 7 he gets baptized and he becomes a member to the church. He has improved a lot since the first time I  meet him.
5) It is me and Leuga, he is the district leader. Then there is Stevens and Castillo, there are the two missionaries we hang out with the most on p-days. There is Baby Neff and Smikin, the two who are still together after the transfer. There is also Harrison and Campbell, the two new ones who are in the district. The ZLs, Elder Cain and Elder Anderson. And finally we have two sisters, Sister Rabello and Palmer.
6) Alma 60:6. I am sharing this one today because it is fun to send people who haven't email you in a while

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