Boise Idaho Mission

Boise Idaho Mission

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Conference Weekend

We needed to learn, well at least for me, that when the world bites at you, you need to bite back. I can't live my life the way I want it to be if someone is trying to keep me down. I need to overcome them, mostly through the strength of the Lord,and be able to overcome my fears. One thing that I learn is that I need to put my fears away and turned to the Lord in faith. Faith and fear cannot coexist at the same time, and if you are strong enough the faith will overcome fear. Faith in the Lord is the one thing that I learned about this General Conference, also marriage was another important key. If we put faith into Him, we wouldn't lead us astray. After all He is our loving Heavenly Father. You might be my mother, but I was His child first, (but I love you more.;) )(I don't think that will sound right) You thaught us many things, and I have been able to conquer over my old self, because of your love & support & faith in Heavenly Father.
My only worry for my mission now is, getting one of those phone calls.... I don't know what I'll do if I got one of those calls  with the news you don't want to hear. We talked about it. If it happens while I am on my mission, I would have such a hard time. ( The one where you family has died) but that's my only worry now, not like when I first left & was scared of leaving & not knowing what it would be like. Having faith & being obedient have showed me I can succeed in this mission

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